Friday, 28 January 2011

Work and work!

You know you are busy when you end up taking work to the hairdressers!..its all work work work, struggling work work work!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Well this title is quite decieving, i'm not done with all my projects i am just done with the filming section on the live project. Once again many technical glitches but its all in so thats a bonus. Now to get the paper work for multicamera and live in for next week.

We watched throught the multicamera project todays, and granted there where some mistakes, but i feel everyone can feel proud in the way it turned out. It was a very ambisious project and it was always going to be a challenge but i feel everyone did a good job.

Just blogging in to keep you posted. ATM im just listening to potential music for my specialism, so i'm getting into my old music and working, so its all good.

Monday, 24 January 2011


We have been editing all day today and its been a long one with many technical glithes.  Another full day ahead tomorrow to!.. Not long till hand in now so needs to get done.  Not much more i can say except, i found my actors contracts thankfully!!!!!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Verdict!!

Well as said i went to go see the "Black Swan" on friday!..hope you have had a chance to look at the trailer. I just want to say what a fantastic film it is. For about the first 30minutes i felt a little sick for there was alot of hand held follow shots, and the film consists of alot of walking and dancing and jagged movement, but once the eyes and brain where in sync, the film was amazing. It was a very powerful story, and it kept your mind thinking all the way through. Even at the ned i was still questioning what had happened in certain part. Portman did a great job as the black/ white swan in swan lake and used that inocence, but with a darker side that she portrays in many of her other films ( for example "closer".) .I also think it was a triumph for the actress Mila Kunis. As past films such as forgetting Sarah Marshell and as she is the voice of Meg in family Guy, i felt her portrayl of Portmans, should we say alter ego, her want, her threat. She was very eye catching and played the part of the "one who you want to be, and the one you want well." I think definatley a one to watch!..Soooooo its not a chick flick and i'd suggest everyone see it, its worth a watch. Even if ballet is not your thing!

So moving on to work. Its that time of work again where i check i have everything in my folders i need and as its like every time im knee deep in plastic wallets and file dividers and there is always that one actors contract that has managed to disapper of the face of the earth. But lets hope i pull everythign in together!

Going back to Mila Kunis. She also played the part of the 11year Gia in the film "GIA." Its about the first ever supermodle Gia and her life. Once again a fantastic film, heart renching and person. Angelina Jolie plays the part of the wild child model. So once again im going to pop up a link to the trailer. And hopefully you will get a chance to watch it at some time.

Here we go!

So i'll blog off and be back soon!

Friday, 21 January 2011

The Black Swan

I'm going to see the Black Swan at the flicks tonights so ill keep you posted on my views on the film. I've read a few reviews and it sounds really good, so im looking forward to it!

Started to have another re think about my graphics package to!..went for a trip to Staples and im trying to make it effective and professional, bought a few things, and last night bought some nice card but then it wouldnt go in the printer so that wasnt good, but just trying out a few things, before i finally decide on my graphics package.

Also went over to Hartlepool CCAD today and Danni showed me round and we look some stills for the CCAD DOCUMENTY. So they should be hitting the edit suite 4 on Monday. Not long till the deadline!

Click on this link, its the link to the Black Swan Trailer

Oh and Also i went to see Burlesque the other week and it was amazing!! As a keen musical lover i'd strongly recommend it! So here is the trailer for that to. Some great costumes in it to!


Thursday, 20 January 2011


Yesterday was the Day of the multicamera show, and what a day with way. We all arrived nice and early and had a tech run through, in which the crew acted and everyoen else did there roles in the studio at the specific time. This rehearsal was quite a sucess for we knew of any technical floors we had and could put right in the next run through.

We then went into a second run through after a 10 minute break and James Harris had arrived our detective law so he stood in for detective law and we did another tech run through. I think it was evident that our tech rehearsal got better. Actors arrived abd we had an actors run through just to make sure that they were confident and happy with all the blocking. At 2.30pm (an hour and a half before the show) we started to get the actors ready and made sure i did my own hair and makeup for the character "paula, PHOENIX."

The audience came in and everyone got into positing. I think i may have lost half a stone running around making sure everything was happening, I just wanted to make sure everything way sorted.

We kicked of the show at 4.00pm. When it came to my turn to do light on Group B I have to say i was nervous. I knew i had to solo lights at certain times and if i move my fingures wrong i sould turn all the lights off or flash them at in approprite times. I was nervous and think i may have made a few  glithces with lighting, but hopefully it will look effective for the purpose of the musical genre.

Group C was my big PA moment. I was neverous and as i went to play my VTs my hands were shaking over the button. It all seemed to happen in an abit of a blur. I think i missed some of my sound cues, but me and sam had discussed so everything went ok with that. I was happy i managed to cue in the lighting and sound for the alarm for i think it looked really effective. I am very concious about how loud i am when PAing, but hopefully not to loud that it echos into the studio. I hope my vts came in correct but i will have to wait and see when we watch the DVD back.

Then it was my acting role as "paula, PHOENIX." I was just so happy i didn't forget any of my lines. The show ended at 4.52pm. And we all breathed a sigh of reliefe :):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image from Journey of a Bunny Boiler

Image from Journey of a Bunny Boiler
I Directed this short Film!