Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The final Post

Well professional deadline is tomorrow, so this will be my last blog regaurding deadlines etc. I havent been present much online and working on the blog. I do think the blog is a great thing though. I'm not going to bore you with the ins and outs of my views, but lets just say when i've been here i've enjoyed the blog, and i know the near futer, i will be returning back to the blog with avengence.


Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Well what a time I have been having in specialism land. Well I think I should really catch you's up. I have been working on Boiled or Fried, nearly filmed it all. We did the studio shoot and that was a sucess. We built the set and tried to make it as 1950's as possible. Shortly i will post up some production stills for you all. We have done one of our location shoots and we are doing "The Wedding Scene" today. I have also co produced Andy's specialism with Charlotte. Charlotte worked on the location side of producing and i would with the actors side.  Also I have worked on Jess's specialism directing. We had a few problems on the shoot, so Jess is currently working towards something new :). I am enjoying the specialisms even though its abit stressful.
Blog Soon.

Monday, 14 February 2011


Hello!  Now we are full force into specialism. We are all crewed up now and i am:
Director and Writer: "Boiled or Fried"
Co Producer: Andy's project
Co Director: Jess's project

I am really happy to be on the projects i am working on and i am excited to be doing more directing for i feel i haven't had as much of an oppotunity to direct drama as i have documentary. I wrote my script over the weeked after doing a scene break down a few days before. I have had to cut some scenes for the peice would be two long with them. They didn't add much to the script aswell. Mike and Diane had a look through my script and seemed happy with it but raised concerns, and helped to give me ideas. This was useful and really benificial. I need to make some corrections to my script and then i can start to do my storyboards for my script. I'm excited to really get cracking.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Multicamera and Live project done!!

It has now reached that time that both the multicamera folder and the live folder are now in. I must say i am releveaved at this for it has been a hard few days. I am happy with the overall outcome of both projects, but there is always going to be things you would like to change. I am now looking forward to moving onto my specialism. I am looking forward to this for i cant wait to be expressive and work on "Boiled or Fried."

Friday, 28 January 2011

Work and work!

You know you are busy when you end up taking work to the hairdressers!..its all work work work, struggling work work work!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Well this title is quite decieving, i'm not done with all my projects i am just done with the filming section on the live project. Once again many technical glitches but its all in so thats a bonus. Now to get the paper work for multicamera and live in for next week.

We watched throught the multicamera project todays, and granted there where some mistakes, but i feel everyone can feel proud in the way it turned out. It was a very ambisious project and it was always going to be a challenge but i feel everyone did a good job.

Just blogging in to keep you posted. ATM im just listening to potential music for my specialism, so i'm getting into my old music and working, so its all good.

Monday, 24 January 2011


We have been editing all day today and its been a long one with many technical glithes.  Another full day ahead tomorrow to!.. Not long till hand in now so needs to get done.  Not much more i can say except, i found my actors contracts thankfully!!!!!

Image from Journey of a Bunny Boiler

Image from Journey of a Bunny Boiler
I Directed this short Film!