Monday, 14 February 2011


Hello!  Now we are full force into specialism. We are all crewed up now and i am:
Director and Writer: "Boiled or Fried"
Co Producer: Andy's project
Co Director: Jess's project

I am really happy to be on the projects i am working on and i am excited to be doing more directing for i feel i haven't had as much of an oppotunity to direct drama as i have documentary. I wrote my script over the weeked after doing a scene break down a few days before. I have had to cut some scenes for the peice would be two long with them. They didn't add much to the script aswell. Mike and Diane had a look through my script and seemed happy with it but raised concerns, and helped to give me ideas. This was useful and really benificial. I need to make some corrections to my script and then i can start to do my storyboards for my script. I'm excited to really get cracking.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Multicamera and Live project done!!

It has now reached that time that both the multicamera folder and the live folder are now in. I must say i am releveaved at this for it has been a hard few days. I am happy with the overall outcome of both projects, but there is always going to be things you would like to change. I am now looking forward to moving onto my specialism. I am looking forward to this for i cant wait to be expressive and work on "Boiled or Fried."

Image from Journey of a Bunny Boiler

Image from Journey of a Bunny Boiler
I Directed this short Film!