Thursday, 11 November 2010

It's been a while


Its been a while since I was on here, due to fact of my forgetfulness in loosing my long in, but im here nand back in buisness now. Over the past month we have been very busy doing the multicam project. We have had all our auditions now and we are in the process of contacting them to cast for the project. We have a final set idea and we are on the way with the script to having all read the first draft. So things are hopefully looking fruitful on the multi cam from. Guy's just remeber to go to the people you need to go to requarding your roles, and keep everyone informed on what your doing.

We are steadily pushing forward the the lives to. I'm workign on the Woolroom wedding project in which i am producer. I have found both locatiuons needed and we are just waiting for the items to come back from the woolroom so we can get cracking. Then we have the CCAD documentary. The planning is going ok so hopefully that will be taking shape and getting shot over the next few weeks.

Also this week was the RTS awards. I enjoyed the RTS awards for it gave me a good insite into what the juidges are looking for and the standards that i need to strive towards in my work. This has helped me for i hope my wrok would be able to get entered for specialism. So its a goal to aim for.

Ill keep you posted on what im up to next!

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Image from Journey of a Bunny Boiler
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