Friday, 21 January 2011

The Black Swan

I'm going to see the Black Swan at the flicks tonights so ill keep you posted on my views on the film. I've read a few reviews and it sounds really good, so im looking forward to it!

Started to have another re think about my graphics package to!..went for a trip to Staples and im trying to make it effective and professional, bought a few things, and last night bought some nice card but then it wouldnt go in the printer so that wasnt good, but just trying out a few things, before i finally decide on my graphics package.

Also went over to Hartlepool CCAD today and Danni showed me round and we look some stills for the CCAD DOCUMENTY. So they should be hitting the edit suite 4 on Monday. Not long till the deadline!

Click on this link, its the link to the Black Swan Trailer

Oh and Also i went to see Burlesque the other week and it was amazing!! As a keen musical lover i'd strongly recommend it! So here is the trailer for that to. Some great costumes in it to!


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Image from Journey of a Bunny Boiler
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