Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Verdict!!

Well as said i went to go see the "Black Swan" on friday!..hope you have had a chance to look at the trailer. I just want to say what a fantastic film it is. For about the first 30minutes i felt a little sick for there was alot of hand held follow shots, and the film consists of alot of walking and dancing and jagged movement, but once the eyes and brain where in sync, the film was amazing. It was a very powerful story, and it kept your mind thinking all the way through. Even at the ned i was still questioning what had happened in certain part. Portman did a great job as the black/ white swan in swan lake and used that inocence, but with a darker side that she portrays in many of her other films ( for example "closer".) .I also think it was a triumph for the actress Mila Kunis. As past films such as forgetting Sarah Marshell and as she is the voice of Meg in family Guy, i felt her portrayl of Portmans, should we say alter ego, her want, her threat. She was very eye catching and played the part of the "one who you want to be, and the one you want well." I think definatley a one to watch!..Soooooo its not a chick flick and i'd suggest everyone see it, its worth a watch. Even if ballet is not your thing!

So moving on to work. Its that time of work again where i check i have everything in my folders i need and as its like every time im knee deep in plastic wallets and file dividers and there is always that one actors contract that has managed to disapper of the face of the earth. But lets hope i pull everythign in together!

Going back to Mila Kunis. She also played the part of the 11year Gia in the film "GIA." Its about the first ever supermodle Gia and her life. Once again a fantastic film, heart renching and person. Angelina Jolie plays the part of the wild child model. So once again im going to pop up a link to the trailer. And hopefully you will get a chance to watch it at some time.

Here we go!

So i'll blog off and be back soon!

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Image from Journey of a Bunny Boiler
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