Thursday, 20 January 2011


Yesterday was the Day of the multicamera show, and what a day with way. We all arrived nice and early and had a tech run through, in which the crew acted and everyoen else did there roles in the studio at the specific time. This rehearsal was quite a sucess for we knew of any technical floors we had and could put right in the next run through.

We then went into a second run through after a 10 minute break and James Harris had arrived our detective law so he stood in for detective law and we did another tech run through. I think it was evident that our tech rehearsal got better. Actors arrived abd we had an actors run through just to make sure that they were confident and happy with all the blocking. At 2.30pm (an hour and a half before the show) we started to get the actors ready and made sure i did my own hair and makeup for the character "paula, PHOENIX."

The audience came in and everyone got into positing. I think i may have lost half a stone running around making sure everything was happening, I just wanted to make sure everything way sorted.

We kicked of the show at 4.00pm. When it came to my turn to do light on Group B I have to say i was nervous. I knew i had to solo lights at certain times and if i move my fingures wrong i sould turn all the lights off or flash them at in approprite times. I was nervous and think i may have made a few  glithces with lighting, but hopefully it will look effective for the purpose of the musical genre.

Group C was my big PA moment. I was neverous and as i went to play my VTs my hands were shaking over the button. It all seemed to happen in an abit of a blur. I think i missed some of my sound cues, but me and sam had discussed so everything went ok with that. I was happy i managed to cue in the lighting and sound for the alarm for i think it looked really effective. I am very concious about how loud i am when PAing, but hopefully not to loud that it echos into the studio. I hope my vts came in correct but i will have to wait and see when we watch the DVD back.

Then it was my acting role as "paula, PHOENIX." I was just so happy i didn't forget any of my lines. The show ended at 4.52pm. And we all breathed a sigh of reliefe :):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Image from Journey of a Bunny Boiler
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